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Ktown medical Growers INC.
Welcomes you to our online store,,,,, where we provide quality medical marijuana seeds for patients, consumers and novety lovers 


For Best Results
(1) Place seeds into a cup of room temperature water for 14-24 hours. Tap on seeds using finger to try and submerge them.
Some will sink and some will float.
Note:some will crack open 

(2) Fold a towel or cloth in tray dampen with water and place seeds inside cover with towel untill root is growing to 1 centimeters
note: towel must stay wet  

(3) Plant seedling in cup of dirt or desired grow medium. Keep dirt or desired grow medium moist under fluoresent light.
Note: put seedling just under growing medium if placed to deep they may get stuck under the desired grow medium and need a little hand.

(4) Transplant once 3-4 inches high into bigger pots or desired grow medium and redy for growing area