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Ktown medical Growers INC. 

Welcomes you to our online store,,,,, where we provide quality medical marijuana seeds for patients, consumers and novety lovers 
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Ktown medical growers INC.

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For Best Results
(1) Place seeds into a cup of room temperature water for 14-24 hours. Tap on seeds using finger to try and submerge them.
Some will sink and some will float.
Note:some will crack open 

(2) Fold a towel or cloth in tray dampen with water and place seeds inside cover with towel untill root is growing to 1 centimeters
note: towel must stay wet  

(3) Plant seedling in cup of dirt or desired grow medium. Keep dirt or desired grow medium moist under fluoresent light.
Note: put seedling just under growing medium if placed to deep they may get stuck under the desired grow medium and need a little hand.

(4) Transplant once 3-4 inches high into bigger pots or desired grow medium and redy for growing area 

About Feminizing Plant Spray

Ktown medical growers INC. offers our professional grade feminizing plant spray that lets you produce your own femanized seeds from your favorite strains. Always tired of losing a good strain or want to save it for later. With our feminizing plant spray when used on your plants it will make them produce female pollen to use to make feminized seed with the plant you sprayed or mix your strains and create your own strain by collecting the polllen and pollenating the desired plant. Do not consume plant where you have sprayed.

Ktown medical growers INC.

Feminizing Plant Spray available in diffrent sizes custom orders available Email for custom orders.

Active ingredients :
Natural mineral extract,disstilled water and other inert ingredients
Contians no proteins , Preservative or chemicals 

Keep away from children :

Non-toxic, store at room temperature out of direct sunlight use only as described

How to use Feminizing Plant Spray

Once you have picked a female plant you wish to get feminized seeds off of, before you flip the plant into flower cycle move the plant to a diffrent area then the rest of the flower plant, or it will pollenate all of your plants. Find where you want your plant to grow feminized pollen and spray feminized plant spray onto stem of the plant. Where you spray will form feminized pollen sacs.Flip plant into flowering cycle and spray once a day for 10-21 days. Spray until you see pollen sacs start to grow diffrent strains may take longer.If more pollen is desired continue spraying untill desired amount of pollen sacs is reached. If you wish to pollenate more plants wait six weeks to flower the rest to ensure you recive enough pollen in time to pollenate the other plants, this process will create feminized seeds.

How to store seeds 

Everyone likes to store their seeds differently and everyone will say their method is the best.There are three main ways to store your seeds. Each strain will store diffrently and the seeds will remain viable for a diffrent amount of time.

Storing marijuana seeds in the freezer 

Better for long term storage this mimics the stratification process of winter in colder climates. Some strains will not like this and others will thrive in colder tempertures it will depend on how well and if the the strain can handle a cold winter. It can also depend on freezer tempertures and a good vac sealing to eliminate moisture and air from getting in and freezer burning the seeds.

storing maijuana seeds in the fridge

The fridge option for storing cannabis seeds can help maintain a steady temperture. If proper location is chosen out of the way for condonsation that can build up every time the door opens which can make your seeds mold. To reduse this dry your seeds or vac seal them and place them in a air tight container that prevents light form entering. Place near the back of the fridge where the temperture is less likely to fluctuate witch means less condonsation. Stored seeds in the fridge remain viable for a few years. Many have reported succession after over 5-10 years. although germination rates drop overtime and eventually none of them will germinate 

Storing marijuana seeds at room temperture
Storing marijuana seeds at room tempature can be a good option for lengths of a few years or less. Storing seeds in an air tight container with some rice or another desiccant stratification. Place seeds in cool dark place like cupboard or basement. If seeds are stored properly they should remain viable for 3-5 years, some have reported succession that were 10 years +