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   Ktown Medical Growers Inc. Marijuana Seeds
                      British Columbia Canada
Our Mission
Ktown Medical Growers INC. is deticated to producing quality strains to make the best medical marijnana seeds. Our team has over 50 years of conbined experience and knowledge in the medical cannabis inside british columbia in both production and development of varios medical cannabis strains, extracts, edibles, tinctures and resins. Our knowledge comes from the most widlely known province for marijuana in the world , we aim to produce nothing but the finest B.C strains. We strive for better quality of life , not only for our patients and consumers, but for future generations to come. Our team hopes to bring about a wider acceptance and knowlege of medical cannabis with on going community involvement and building a relaionship with our local community, district council, mayor, fire department and RCMP

Commitment To Quality And Research
We at Ktown Medical Growers INC. make every effort to insure the quality of our product with out any compromising to other aspects of our cannabis our team believes in the continuous research of our strans to insure the utmost of our product, well benefiting from new research. 

Economic Sustainability 
Economic Sustainabilaty- Our team at ktown medical growers INC. stimulates economic growth and development of local communities. Adding to the work force and the economy of the province. 

Comunal Sustainability
Communal Sustainability-We are inproving knowlege and building a relationship with our surrounding community. We aim to uohold a higher quality of life for our employees.